Frictionless Management Consulting

When you are looking for a refreshingly different management consultancy experience, tap into the expertise of tgs Romania for:

An expert outside perspective can breathe new life into your business, remove long-standing headaches and blocks, and reduce risks, among other things. Here is a snapshot of some of the things we can help with:

The beauty of working with tgs Romania is accessing the wealth of talent and skills at our disposal. This means you will get the right experience to come in and hit the ground running, saving you time and money.

Our advisory services focus on delivering against your objectives. So, if you have had poor consultancy experience in the past, you can rest assured we will deliver on our promises.

We appreciate and understand the level of trust and comfort needed to bring a consultant into your business. So, whether you are looking for help with HR challenges, financial forecasting, or transforming your use of technology, tgs Romania will deliver a frictionless experience.

Straightforward, jargon-free, and efficient management consultancy. That’s the tgs way.

Examples of where we can help include:

Strategy DevelopmentWe can assist you in formulating and refining your overall business strategy. This involves analyzing market trends, competitive landscapes, and internal capabilities to help you make informed strategic decisions
Operational ImprovementWe can evaluate and enhance your operational processes. This includes identifying areas for efficiency gains, cost reduction, and process optimization to improve overall performance
Organizational Design and StructureWe can help you assess and optimize your organizational structures. This may involve restructuring departments, defining roles and responsibilities, and creating a more agile and responsive organizational design
Change ManagementManaging change effectively is crucial for organizational success. We provide guidance on change initiatives, helping organizations navigate transitions, overcome resistance, and ensure that changes are implemented smoothly
Performance Measurement and ManagementWe develop and implement performance measurement systems to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure alignment with organizational goals. We can also design performance management processes to enhance employee productivity
Financial ConsultingWe can provide financial analysis and advice, helping organizations improve financial performance, manage budgets, and make strategic financial decisions
Technology IntegrationIn the digital era, we can assist organizations in leveraging technology effectively. This includes advising on the selection and implementation of information systems, digital transformation, and integrating technology to support business objectives
Market Research and AnalysisWe can conduct market research to help organizations understand customer needs, market trends, and potential growth opportunities. This information informs strategic decisions related to product development, marketing, and market positioning
Risk ManagementIdentifying and mitigating risks is a critical aspect of management consulting. We work with organizations to assess risks, develop risk management strategies, and establish processes for monitoring and mitigating potential threats
Supply Chain and Logistics OptimizationWe can analyze and optimize supply chain and logistics processes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain management
Human Resources ConsultingWe provide guidance on various human resources aspects, such as talent acquisition, performance management, leadership development, and organizational culture
Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Our services include advising organizations on integrating sustainable practices and CSR initiatives into their business strategies, addressing environmental and social responsibilities
Merger and Acquisition SupportWe can assist in M&A activities by conducting due diligence, assessing synergies, and providing guidance on integration strategies

Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization, and our experts will work closely with clients to understand their goals and challenges before offering customized solutions.

For more information, please get in touch with Christos Seferis, our Managing Partner, at, or Kemal Özmen, Assurance and Risk Advisory Director, at