Law no. 70/2015 for strengthening financial discipline regarding cash receipts and payments operations

⮚ The threshold for payments made by an employee, who travels for business, from the advances for settlement increased from RON 1,000 to RON 5,000.

⮚ “Superstores” and “hyperstores” are defined and it is stipulated that, in their case, as well as in the case of cash and carry stores, the cash amounts in the cash register cannot exceed, at the end of each day, the threshold of RON 500,000 (compared to RON 50,000 as stipulated by Law no. 296/2023).

The above-mentioned provisions entered into force on December 15, 2023.

⮚ The analysis of limited cash payments is repealed for the entire company when there are several cashiers, and the ceilings of cash payments and receipts are analyzed for each cashier, if a company registers several work points/permanent offices where cashiers are established, the analysis of the ceilings it will be done individually, on each cashier.